Behaviour and 

Brain lab



We are Cognitive and Computational Neuroscientists interested in understanding the relationship between the human brain and behaviour.

How does the brain represent knowledge about the world?
How is this knowledge used to guide decisions?
How do these processes go wrong in psychiatric disorders?

We use techniques such as behavioural experiments, virtual reality, computational modeling and functional magnetic resonance imaging to answer these questions.

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Trajectories of different individuals navigating around a virtual arena. From Garvert et al. Nat Neurosci (2013)


Human participants show intriguing inter-individual differences in how they interact with the world. We are interested in understanding why, and what this means for how we behave.


The brain has a remarkable ability to use previously learnt knowledge for guiding behaviour in new situations. We are interested in understanding how the brain achieves this.


In mental disorders, some of these processes go awry. Can we use our understanding of brain and behaviour to better understand mental health conditions and personalise treatment? 



New Research Assistant!

We are excited to welcome Hannah Reichel to the lab as a Research Assistant. 

New preprint!

Su Z, Garvert MM, Zhang L, Manohar SG, Vogel TA, Thomas L, Balsters J, Husain M, Apps MAJ, Lockwood P (2024). Older adults are more susceptible to impulsive social influence.

New paper!

Nitsch A, Garvert MM, Bellmund JLS, Schuck NW, Doeller CF (2023). Grid-like entorhinal representation of an abstract value space during prospective decision making. Nature Communications 15, 1198

New paper!

Zheng XY, Hebart MN, Grill F, Dolan RJ, Doeller CF, Cools R, Garvert MM (2024). Parallel cognitive maps for multiple knowledge structures in the hippocampal formation. Cerebral Cortex 34 (2):bhad485

New preprint!

Demircan C, Saanum T, Pettini L, Binz M, Baczkowski BM, Kaanders P, Doeller CF, Garvert MM, Schulz E (2023). Language Aligned Visual Representations Predict Human Behavior in Naturalistic Learning Tasks. arXiv:2306.09377

Mona joined the university of Würzburg as an assistant professor

I am excited to join the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Würzburg as an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) and look forward to becoming part of Würzburg's thriving research community! 

New paper!

Moneta N, Garvert MM, Heekeren HR, Schuck NW (2023). Task state representations in vmPFC mediate relevant and irrelevant value signals and their behavioral influence. Nature Communications; 14(1):3156

New paper!

Garvert MM, Saanum T, Schulz E, Schuck NW, Doeller CF (2023). Hippocampal spatio-predictive cognitive maps adaptively guide reward generalization. Nature Neuroscience;26(4):615-626

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